your smartphone has become a tracking device.
with it, they've recorded every second of your life.

Private companies call it data collection. We call it surveillance.

Cambridge-Analytica was a symptom of a much larger issue – for years corporations, governments and wireless operators (what we call “Big Data”) have been siphoning off our information and selling it under the table. Every location, every purchase, every click.

feeling spied on has become the norm

Your tape over your laptop camera, you joke that your phone is listening to you. But do you know what’s really happening behind your screen?

alexa isn't the only one listening

The intimate details of you lives are collected and stored in data files. Insurance companies buy our data to set premiums. Banks use it to judge our creditworthiness. We’ve even seen our information be exploited to swing elections.

They think that by tracking us across our devices, they can predict our next moves. It’s time to change the game.

it's time to change the game

Volta gives you the ability to take back control of your personal information.

With our blend of technology and services, you you will have the power to protect yourself from Big Data.

Stay both connected and off-the-grid.
wireless protection
With Volta, you cease to exist to wireless operators. Connect to the world knowing our personal information stays yours.
end-to-end encryption
No one but the person you're talking to can access your conversation, not even us.
no logs
Leave no trace. We don't collect your data on location or activities, so we can't sell it, governments can't demand it and hackers can't steal it.
this isn't about privacy - it's about power.
So let us put the power of data back in your hands.